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Beaumont Vance

Risk Management executive, Financial Services

Hi, I'm Beaumont Vance. Welcome to my profile!

Beaumont Vance's Bio:

Beaumont Vance is currently the Head of Insurance Risk and Advanced Analytics at Fidelity Investments. His passion for risk management has a 24 year history that includes roles within insurance companes, insurance brokerages, and fortune 100 technology and financial services companies. Beau,mont has Authored a book on Enterprise Risk Management, written many articles as a regular columnist for Risk and Insurance Magazine, and has held industry leaership roles on the boards of the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) and Mensa's Risk Committee.

His experience ranges across insruance coverage, pricing and financing to advanced statistical techniques and modelling on multiple platforms. As a devout autodidact, beaumont has applied various fields of study to risk managment problems. Examples include: behavioral psychology, complexity theory, network algorithms, systems dynamics, Bayesian probabilities, Markon Chain Monte Carlo, and game theory. 

Beaumont Vance's Experience:

  • Fidelity Investments

Beaumont Vance's Education:

  • Wake Forest University


Beaumont Vance's Interests & Activities:

Complexity theory, risk financing, decision sciences, systems theory, behavioral economics, social network analysis, statistical analysis, modeling, captive, insurance, ERM, Insurance programs, risk management programs, Enterprise Risk, senior risk, emerging risks, risk management frameworks, risk reporting, enterprise wide risk, GRC, risk governance, risk management frameworks

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